Friday, October 31, 2014

Time for Change in Moultrie County

 Do you believe in career polititions? If you don't all you have to do is look at our own County Board. I believe that do to Republican control career polititions Moultrie County is at a turning point. Do we keep the status quo or do we vote progressives to the Board. Although Tourism is a must for Moultrie County we have to bring new jobs to our county.lm told that local business is having a hard time getting our local workforce to pass drug tests. I can understand that do to there hiring practices. In two words Temp Service. We MUST get Industries to come to Moultrie county who 1. Do there own hiring and 2. Pay liveable wages that will not only draw workers to work in our county but relocate here. But minimum wage jobs will not make this happen.
 I stated at the Meet the Candidates on 10/28/2014 that my goals were to 1. raise the minimum wage to $11,  over a two year period 2. Bring new Industries to our area and 3. keep funding services for our elderly. We cant keep relying on Tourism and minimum wage jobs to bail us out every year.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Great to see people pitching in to help find the money

  Red Apple Owners Enter into TIF Agreement with City

October 22, 2014
Part of reconstruction costs eligible for TIF funds
by Barry Featheringill
Sullivan Reporter
Steve Sadikoska and Tim Halili of the Red Apple Restaurant were in attendance at the October 13 city council to hear discussion regarding possible Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to help with the reconstruction of the restaurant that burned down July 29.
Mayor Ann Short opened the discussion expressing the feelings of the city: “All of us feel so badly because of your unfortunate situation. That was just horrible.”
Short then went on to explain that the TIF program is when construction is completed and taxes are assessed by the county, the difference between what taxes were before the fire and what they are after construction is completed. In talking with the city’s TIF attorney it has been determined that the construction would be eligible for TIF funding for the reconstruction of the restaurant.

“Some expenses incurred are allowable for reimbursement and some are not. With the TIF expiring in 2022 I feel it would be best to do a 75/25 split between the owners and the city of the percentage of property tax increment created” noted Short. This will give back to the developer a larger amount since there are only eight years left. The council approved the 75/25 split and proceeded to have the city TIF attorney draw up the legal papers for this agreement.
“We consider this our second home,” said Sadikoska. “We want to build for all our lives not just for a few years.”
Along with the Red Apple TIF agreement discussion Bryan Vahling also presented a request for a TIF agreement to build a storage facility. Once again since the TIF is running out in eight years the council approved having an agreement drawn up with a 75/25 split of the tax increment created.
In other matters:
• The city had previously advertised bids for a generator to be installed at the police station. Only one bid was received from Booker Brothers Heating Plumbing and Electric for the cost of equipment and installation at $11,450. The council waived the waiting period and went ahead and approved the bid.
• Commissioner Mike Mossman noted that the time to put up Christmas lights in the park is approaching, but that with the park department still mowing it decorations will be put up later than normal.
• Mossman separately reported receiving a bid for a stump grinder that could be used on the sewer department mini excavator at a cost of $7,725. One half of this cost is TIF eligible. “We have the funds within our budget to get this and it will benefit the entire city” Mossman noted.
• Councilman Bill Hagen requested approval of payment to DN Tanks in the amount of $397,319.85 for payment no. 2 for the water treatment plant project. Hagen noted that the project is moving along nicely. The payment was approved unanimously. Hagen also requested council approval of payment to Leander Construction in the amount of $12,538.00 for the waste water treatment plant. This payment was also approved by the council.
• The discussion of the proposal by Sullivan Community and Economic Development for outdoor dining around the square was once again brought up. There are concerns about having enough space on the sidewalks to have dining outside. With winter just ahead the council decided to investigate this more and bring it back in the spring if restaurant owners express interest.
• With leaves beginning to come off the trees Commissioner Monty LeCrone asked the city clerk to place an ad in the paper reminding residents not to pile leaves into ditches. “If they feel the need to burn, be sure to do it at least five feet back from the street. All city residents are encouraged to use the city burn pile located east of the sewer plant.”

Georgia GOP Senate Candidate Admits His Goal Is To Impeach Obama


In a stunning example of ‘obviousness’, the setting was the Georgia Senatorial Debate when two diametrically opposed opinions were expressed. Normally this is nothing new in a debate where the point is to take an opposing view from your opponent.  What makes this exchange somewhat unusual is that one candidate returned another’s call for ‘coming together’ with a call for prosecutorial action.
In a debate with Democratic contender Michelle Nunn and Libertarian candidate Amanda Swafford, Republican Candidate David Perdue made clear that, if elected as Georgia’s next United States Senator, there wouldn’t even be a pretense to bi-partisanship.  Michelle Nunn, who polls have up 1 -2 points over Perdue, challenged the Georgian Businessman whom, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, is “known on Wall Street as a turnaround specialist who helps revive brands and reap rewards for investors.” after Perdue blamed congressional gridlock on Harry Reid and his blocking House GOP proposals.  Ms. Nunn then used that as evidence that “David thinks the solution is in prosecuting one party.”
David Perdue, Michelle Nunn
She went onto say:
“I just don’t believe that it’s one party or the other. I think it has to be both sides coming together,” Nunn said. “I think that we do have a very clear contrast in terms of how we see breaking through that dysfunction. I don’t think it’s about prosecuting the other party; I think it’s about problem-solving.”
Prompting Mr. Perdue to reply proudly:
“I disagree; I think it is,” Perdue answered. “When you have a failed presidency, you have to prosecute it,” he said.
Whether or not, if he wins, Mr. Perdue will join the chorus of Republicans calling for impeachment of the President remains to be seen.

What is more certain is his belief that the cure for all the ‘failures’ of this president can be solved by good old fashioned Right Wing ideology.  Mr. Perdue went onto clarify:
 “We deserve better than we’re getting right now,” he added. “When we look at the direction of this country, we’ve got to make a hard right-hand turn. The direction of this country is failing.”

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Martin Sheen knows Mary Landrieu will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare:

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Corporate America (Republicans) have been doing this to our defined Pensions for a while now. Next, our Social Security.