Tuesday, February 28, 2012

About This Campaign:

Uprisings are occurring all over the world as people become more and more disempowered and angry. The Arab Spring ignited a fire of hope for nonviolent revolution in a lot of US citizens. Occupy Wall Street, initially ignored, ridiculed or dismissed by mainstream media outlets, has in turn helped spawn the #Occupy movement in over 500 US cities!

We believe it is up to us, common people everywhere, to create sustainable and sustaining ways to live and co-exist in our world – those in power are not going to do it for us.

The gap between the rulers and the ruled, between elites and the majority of the world’s citizens, has become an untenable divide – even in allegedly democratic nations.This is not acceptable. We'd like you to work with us to create short films and a full-scale documentary. The over-arching theme we are exploring is how systematic control of information is used to deny citizens access to critical truths and thereby increase the power divide. This subsequently endangers the viability of democratic governance.

We seek to effectuate change in world-wide systems through "citizen-driven" media, including stand-alone videos on our site, short films, a documentary, and live-streaming panel discussions to discuss both strategy and collaboration between disparate groups and people in far-flung nations.

It will take time, patience, and incredible determination. It will take enormous resources. But together we can create a cohesive wave of action that engenders healthier systems.

But first – we need to put world leaders on notice.

This is OUR Spring. This is OUR time. We are united in our revolutions. We are occupying!

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