Monday, April 23, 2012

My "Political Career"

 As of June 5th of 2012 I will be putting my name on the ballot for Moultrie County Board in Illinois. I am a registered Democrat and will always be a true Liberal friend of the people.
 I was born in Decatur, IL. and lived there for 44 years. I moved to Bethany, IL. one year before I remarried. I have lived in Bethany for 8 years.
 I retiered from PPG Industries in Mt. Zion, IL in November of 2008 after 30 years of service. I now work as a Security Supervisor at Decatur Memorial Hospital.
 I am a member of Sullivan Church of God in Sullivan, IL.
 I want people to know that I am a candidate that will work for the people and do the will of the people. I have no hidden agendas or things to hide. I will be truthful and up front with everyone in Moultrie County.
 I will be out in the community of Moultrie County obtaining signatures for my Petition to run. Hope to see you out and about. I will appreciate your support.

                                                                                       Thanks Stuart Wade 

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