Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Why is it so easy to buy a government, but becoming so hard to vote for one?" – Jennifer Granholm examines why voter suppression should be considered treasonous

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"In November, five million eligible voters will find it harder to vote in America," says Jennifer Granholm. New voter restriction laws will disproportionately affect the poor, elderly and minorities, groups that tend to vote for the Democrats. Granholm says the Republicans are trying every tactic they can to keep the people from choosing the candidate they prefer. She says, "When you can't convince voters that you are the best choice, you restrict their right to choose."

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"The Iraq War was a brilliant success" GOP strategist stuns Cenk with Iraq comment

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Cenk responded to the comment, "We spent over a trillion dollars in Iraq and it was a gigantic, colossal mess." His Power Panel — Andy Kroll from Mother Jones and GOP strategist Jack Burkman — were asked whether Mitt Romney's foreign policy is a failure because he's surrounded himself with neo-con advisers. Burkman points to "the brilliant success" of the war in Iraq, and Cenk loses his mind, "Is this a character? Is this a put on?" Kroll points out, "Anything that draws attention to who he's got on his foreign policy roster is something that Mitt Romney doesn't want."

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