Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Afghan interpreters could receive asylum

  LONDON, April 21 (UPI) -- Britain's prime minister is set to decide whether to relocate hundreds of interpreters who are working with U.K. forces in Afghanistan, officials said.

Prime Minister David Cameron has been given three broad options and is expected to make a decision on Tuesday that could affect up to 1,100 Afghan nationals, including 600 interpreters, The Guardian reported.

Those Afghans could be in grave danger once NATO forces leave Afghanistan in 2014, The Guardian reported.

The Taliban has declared a death sentence on all Afghans working with NATO forces in the country, The Guardian said.

The first option includes offering a relocation package similar to the one given to local interpreters after the Iraq war.

Two cheaper ideas include offering economic incentives to interpreters to stay in Afghanistan, and requiring them to apply for asylum in the normal way without any preferential treatment.

Last week, senior military officials and politicians called for the interpreters to be offered asylum in the United Kingdom.

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