Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fox ‘News’ Slinging Mud At Hillary Clinton Means They’re Scared She’ll Win In 2016 – And She WILL!

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 Are we seeing the opening salvo in the campaign against Hillary Clinton should she make another run at the Democratic Presidential nomination? Last week the New York Times ran an article quite critical of the Clinton Foundation. If the Times is attacking what will Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity do?
There have been problems at the Foundation but that is not a particularly odd or disturbing revelation. Nearly all charitable organizations have cash flow problems from time to time and most have their share of detractors willing to find irregularities anywhere they can. There was a management issue with a long time Clinton friend, supporter and aide who probably should have been let go some time ago, but that has been rectified and Chelsea has been brought on board with the authority to make the necessary changes in the way things are done.
In the past the Foundation has run large deficits while taking in large contributions partly due to the mismanagement of Ira Magaziner who is now gone and no longer a part of the problem. This is not a big deal either, many charitable organizations run deficits regularly and no one makes a fuss, but this one is being run by the Clintons and you know they are going to have to meet a higher standard.
Here’s Monica Crowley the other day on Faux News positing that perhaps the Times in criticizing Clinton, was giving her a leg up on the possible campaign.

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