Monday, October 21, 2013

New Moms Leader Brings out the Misogyny in Pro-Gun Movement


There’s something about strong, powerful women advocating for better gun laws that really brings out the misogyny in the pro-gun movement. And with the emergence of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, pro-gunners are frothing at the mouth like never before.
Shannon WattsThe founder of Moms Demand Action is Shannon Watts of Zionsville, Indiana. She started the group on Facebook immediately after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, in which six adults and 20 children were slaughtered. As a stay-at-home mother of five children (following a successful 15-year career as a communications executive), she could sit and watch no more. ”We don’t want to have to put bulletproof backpacks on our children,” Watts told the media. Enough was enough.
In a matter of weeks, Moms Demand Action blossomed into a national grassroots organization with chapters in all 50 states. That has earned Shannon and her group the enmity of pro-gun activists everywhere, as the following emails will attest to…
Scott Dapson Comment.The first is from pro-gunner Scott Dapson, who had some sweet nothings for Shannon. “You Are the biggest asshole I’ve ever heard that’s trying to sissify America,” he told her. “guns are good asshole!
Indy Southsider CommentNot to be outdone was a pro-gun activist going by the moniker “Indy Southsider.” Getting right to the point, he told Shannon, “I personally feel you and your kind should lose your citizenship and be removed from this country.” He then politely added, “Furthermore, i sincerely hope that you are your family soon meet with a horrible and painful demise … You will be hearing from me again, on the battle front..
Joe Mama CommentThen there was gun aficionado “Joe Mama,” whose message was targeted seemingly not just at Moms Demand Action, but women in general:  “Have you ever heard of the 2nd amendment? what the hell is the matter with you people? get back in the kitchen and take those damn shoes off! its people like you that are going to destroy our 2nd Amendment right. stupid bitches!
Lyle Courtsal CommentThe next joyful missive came from a guy that probably used his wife’s email account when she wasn’t looking. “Im sorry but you are an idiot. you are the reason that women should have never been allowed to vote,” he told Shannon. “You should be more afraid of giving kids drugs in the schools to help them function, B.S. what the libs are teaching them, tolerancy with fags and lesbians and what foods you feed them AND IMMUNIZATIONS which Im sure you give your kids. ETC.ETC. You are the scary ones and I am so sick of stupid ignorant women(and men) some women don’t even know how they want their eggs cooked!” Thankfully, he was kind enough to offer his services as a vigilante: “Like I said, one of these days hopefully you WILL need one of us and we will be there. You people just don’t listen and come around sometimes with action. Why don’t you go after the government to to put to death these child molesters and rapists WHICH I KNOW OF AND I COULD HAVE GOTTEN RID OF HIM EASILY!!!!!!!! IDIOTS. Wake up. Im glad you are not my moms.”
Little doubt Shannon is glad as well…
Lyle Courtsal CommentYou can’t have pro-gun activism without conspiracy theory, and Lyle Courtsal was there to oblige. “you’re the same paid off wackos who did mothers against drunk driving; sucks big,” he told Moms Demand Action. And then he added, almost as an afterthought, “Oh,yeah, seems there were two shooters at Sandy Hook not one. Keep on pretending to care.”
Hypo MDA ThreadThe commentary from the pro-gun community is strikingly similar on social media sites. Consider this thread from the Hypocrisy and Stupidity of Gun Control Advocates Facebook page about Moms Demand Action where Shannon is called a “bitch,” “cock sucker,” “traitor,” and “liar,” all within the first 15 comments! Not to be outdone, pro-gun activist Daniel Nelson of Indian Head, Maryland suggests that Moms Demand Action “sounds like a cheap porno site.”
MDA Fraud PagePro-gun activists are certainly right to be worried about the grassroots activism of Shannon Watts and Moms Demand Action. But as for the blatant misogyny we see from pro-gunners, it feels more like an unsettling form of nostalgia for an America where women “knew their place.” Thankfully, those days are long gone and never to return. And because of groups like Moms Demand Action, we will soon be able to say the same about senseless and preventable gun violence.

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