Sunday, October 20, 2013

Democratic Governors Association

Help Wendy reach her goal to fight the attacks and win in red Texas. Deadline: Sunday. Contribute now.Stuart,
On the very day Wendy Davis launched her campaign, the extremist, anti-choice group Texas Right to Life began attacking her on the air.
That’s right – the attacks started on day one.
Why? It’s pretty simple: The way Wendy’s galvanizing women and Democrats across Texas gives us a chance to win, and right-wing groups know it.
But our energy can’t be fleeting. To win, we need to fight for every last vote. It will take you and every other Democrat across the country joining with Wendy to make sure she has what it takes to stand up to extremist groups.
Right now, will you give $5 or more directly to Wendy’s campaign to help her raise $64,000 to fight the attacks?
Wendy needs our help to respond.
While Wendy stood heroically for 11 hours fighting to protect women from a GOP attack, her likely opponent Greg Abbott cheered the bill forward.
For women and fairness, this race is as stark as they come.
The extreme right won’t back down or make it easy – their early attacks show it. Help us, now, by making sure Wendy can defend herself against their lies.
Thank you,
Kelly Gleeson
Democratic Governors Association

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