Thursday, November 7, 2013

Organization United for Respect at Walmart
  Hi Stuart,
Two weeks ago, Associates went on strike at Walmart in Hialeah, FL near Miami. More than 80 people walked off the job! You can help spread the word about their victory on Twitter and Facebook.
Even though they weren’t all OUR Walmart members, like many of us they were fed up with the same issues facing all Associates: too few hours, not enough pay, a lack of respect and retaliation against anyone who speaks up.
Today, I’m happy to be able to say that their actions are paying off. Not only did they all get scheduled for 40 hours the following week, they even got paid for the day they were on strike. That’s the kind of response we can get when we stand up together.
Now, the Associates of Hialeah Walmart, are ready to stand with us at OUR Walmart. They plan on taking action along with us this holiday season.
The more of us stand together, the stronger we are. That’s why we need to let other Associates around the country know how much we can change if we just work together.
Can you spread the word to your co-workers today by sharing the image below on Facebook and tweeting about the victory on Twitter?
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