Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Georgia GOP Senate Candidate Admits His Goal Is To Impeach Obama


In a stunning example of ‘obviousness’, the setting was the Georgia Senatorial Debate when two diametrically opposed opinions were expressed. Normally this is nothing new in a debate where the point is to take an opposing view from your opponent.  What makes this exchange somewhat unusual is that one candidate returned another’s call for ‘coming together’ with a call for prosecutorial action.
In a debate with Democratic contender Michelle Nunn and Libertarian candidate Amanda Swafford, Republican Candidate David Perdue made clear that, if elected as Georgia’s next United States Senator, there wouldn’t even be a pretense to bi-partisanship.  Michelle Nunn, who polls have up 1 -2 points over Perdue, challenged the Georgian Businessman whom, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, is “known on Wall Street as a turnaround specialist who helps revive brands and reap rewards for investors.” after Perdue blamed congressional gridlock on Harry Reid and his blocking House GOP proposals.  Ms. Nunn then used that as evidence that “David thinks the solution is in prosecuting one party.”
David Perdue, Michelle Nunn
She went onto say:
“I just don’t believe that it’s one party or the other. I think it has to be both sides coming together,” Nunn said. “I think that we do have a very clear contrast in terms of how we see breaking through that dysfunction. I don’t think it’s about prosecuting the other party; I think it’s about problem-solving.”
Prompting Mr. Perdue to reply proudly:
“I disagree; I think it is,” Perdue answered. “When you have a failed presidency, you have to prosecute it,” he said.
Whether or not, if he wins, Mr. Perdue will join the chorus of Republicans calling for impeachment of the President remains to be seen.

What is more certain is his belief that the cure for all the ‘failures’ of this president can be solved by good old fashioned Right Wing ideology.  Mr. Perdue went onto clarify:
 “We deserve better than we’re getting right now,” he added. “When we look at the direction of this country, we’ve got to make a hard right-hand turn. The direction of this country is failing.”

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