Tuesday, October 21, 2014

 "With No Discussion" Ron White calls for a Vote On the 2015 Budget
    (S. Wade)

 Barry Featheringill Sullivan Reporter

 At the October county board meeting finance chairman Ron White presented a 2015 tentative budget for Moultrie County. White noted that “The state allows each county to set 0.37 percent of total assessed property value. This would have created a maximum tax levy of $880,000. The finance com- mittee after gathering figures from department heads has set a levy of $810,000. We have a good balance to carry forward into 2015”. With no discussion White made a motion to accept the tentative budget for fiscal year 2015. Votes were all in favor with one board member absent while the vote was taken (Tim Rose arrived after the vote). The board will take up the budget again next month where they’ll look to accept a modified and more refined budget prior to the start of the new fiscal year. In further financial matters, White presented a motion to accept a request for changes from the Moultrie County Health Board.
“The changes reflected in the budget revision were neces- sary with the health department’s new facility” said health department administrator Angie Hogan. In particular, the revisions include the addition of a grant for West Nile Virus education in the amount of $10,790 and a $367 reduction in the case management account. In other matters: • The board approved increasing COBRA premiums to $1,000 and an increase of co-payments for drugs. The chang- es in drug co-payment will effect brand name, non-preferred and specialty brand name prescriptions and will not effect generic prescriptions. These changes will take effect with the beginning of fiscal year 2015 which will begin December 1, 2014. • Variances were approved for a request by Ina May Schrock for a mobile home with usual stipulations and a variance to build 75 feet from center of Highway 133. • Another request to rezone property by Michael Elliott/ Wade Family limited partnership was approved to rezone all of Lot 2 and part of Lot 1 in the Fairview Villa Subdivision from C-3 to C-1. Also requested was for variances to build closer to property lines. These requests were approved. • Motion was made by board chairman David McCabe to approve the state’s attorney’s appellate prosecutor resolu- tion. This authorizes the appellate prosecutor’s office to act as the assistant state’s attorney as needed.

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