Tuesday, October 21, 2014

 Taxing the People is not the Answer

 I have to say that living in Bethany has been one of the highlights of my life. Living in the small town of Bethany is wonderful though I noticed that many of us shop in Decatur, Mt.Zion and other near by communities. What disturbs me is people going out of town to spend hard earned dollars only to save a few cents. Yes even myself and my wife. In Bethany we have a Grocery Store, Café, Gas Station and a tire shop right here. Isn't saving money and helping each other what its all about? We have a Golden opportunity to not only help ourselves but insure that the businesses right here in our Community and County thrive. Are we truly "saving" by going out of our town or our county to shop? I say no. Now a 1% sales Tax is "Needed" to help fund improvements to out Moultrie County Schools. If we Moultrie County-ites would just spend more time shopping local instead of driving to other communities the Revenue would be here instead of Macon, Shelby and other nearby counties. Just try shopping at Bethany Foods, Bethany Café, Sullivan IGA, Vehicle Repair shops in Bethany and Sullivan, Lovington and Arcola. Then we can take a serious look at the monies needed to repair our Schools in Moultrie County. Taxing everyone in our county is just a quick fix to a on going problem. What will it be next, 2 or 3% sales Tax or raising our property Taxes? I don't believe in Taxing the hard working people anywhere when we could help by just buying at home. Or here's a way to collect revenue. If taxing is "really" the answer why not put the more of the burden on Corporations right here in Moultrie County. We have multi million dollar businesses in Moultrie County that need to pick up some of our failing revenue issues. Aren't they part of our County? Don't some of their children go to our schools? Why not ask the Tax payers to Vote to raise Corporate Taxes by 1% and NOT the hard working people of Moultrie County. 

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