Friday, October 31, 2014

Time for Change in Moultrie County

 Do you believe in career polititions? If you don't all you have to do is look at our own County Board. I believe that do to Republican control career polititions Moultrie County is at a turning point. Do we keep the status quo or do we vote progressives to the Board. Although Tourism is a must for Moultrie County we have to bring new jobs to our county.lm told that local business is having a hard time getting our local workforce to pass drug tests. I can understand that do to there hiring practices. In two words Temp Service. We MUST get Industries to come to Moultrie county who 1. Do there own hiring and 2. Pay liveable wages that will not only draw workers to work in our county but relocate here. But minimum wage jobs will not make this happen.
 I stated at the Meet the Candidates on 10/28/2014 that my goals were to 1. raise the minimum wage to $11,  over a two year period 2. Bring new Industries to our area and 3. keep funding services for our elderly. We cant keep relying on Tourism and minimum wage jobs to bail us out every year.

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