Thursday, November 13, 2014

Both of these Corporations do Business with one another.

You might say both have influence here in our Community.

About Agri-Fab®      


 One of them have questionable hiring practices and hire through a "Temp" Agency.  They say they cant hire very many Moultrie County residents because they cant get them to pass the drug tests. But many who have worked for Agri Fab say just before they are hired "permanent" they get laid off. Is this the kind of Business we want in our County. Why hasn't the past County Boards done more to bring more and better paying Jobs to Moultrie County. One guess they are to busy patting themselves on the back for balanced budgets. Yes, balanced budgets are good but what is being done to get more revenue to our County. Well don't be surprised if you see another sales Tax or property tax on the next ballot. Got to pay for Enhanced 911. I also believe in the Enhanced 911 but I say they should do more to get better paying jobs to come to our Community. Then we may have the money to do these types of things. The Moultrie County Board has several Board Members who have been on the Board several years now. Most Republicans. I thought Conservatives believed in "Term Limits"? 

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