Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Paul Ryan Gleefully Plots His New Vision With GOP Control Looming

During his victory speech Tuesday night, Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke to a crowd about his plans for Washington. He said:
“I am very excited. I’ve been frustrated in the past two years because we passed a lot of good bills in the House, only to see them die in the Senate.”
Ryan is envisioning this mighty field of possibility now that both the House and the Senate are under Republican control. Idealistically, he believes that all members of his party will see eye-to-eye on every issue and pass bill after bill effortlessly while Democrats sit idly by, watching helplessly.
paul ryan victory speech
The Republican led Congress will focus on a few things this upcoming year. At the top of the list will be immigration reform. The President delayed action on reform until after the midterm elections,  and now, here we are, back to the same spot of hitting heads. Republicans will adopt a similar plan that the Democrats had drawn up, and ultimately take the credit for passing what they have been blocking for years now.
Other items we will see brought back up are changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the tax code. Ryan goes on to say:
“This is how you get bills signed into law. …It’s important in a divided government to have all sides talking to each other.” Again, this is Ryan believing that all sides will want to come together; and I’m not talking about Republicans and Democrats.”
There is an obvious crack within the Republican Party, between the more moderate republicans and the far-right extremists. Before we can come together and begin to work past our ideological differences, the party itself must find its footing and not fight among themselves. Looking at the GOP, there is a group of congressmen and women who have shut down the government like stubborn children when they don’t get their way, and they have already started threatening  to do it again. Ryan has stated that he doesn’t support the shutdowns, but chooses to stay quiet as to not further the split within the party.

The country stands divided, if the Republican Party wants to be the knight on the white horse, like they believe they are; congress needs to put ego to the side and be willing to compromise. We need congressmen and women to not shut out the opposition just because they have the numbers to pass what they want to pass. Not coming together will lead to a harsher divide among politicians, and ultimately citizens.
Ryan said:
“I believe there are enough constructive voices in both parties that can lead to constructive immigration reform.”
I, for one, believe that as well; and I challenge Congress to do some good for the American people, and not let party fighting take over for yet another year.
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