Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Afghanistan-US security agreement executable in 2015: Mosazai

  By SAYED JAWAD - 21 Apr 2013, 9:12 pmK haama Press
Officials in Afghanistan foreign affairs ministry on Sunday announced that the security agreement between Kabul and Washington will be executable in early 2015 once the two nations agrees on the terms and conditions of the pact.

The officials further added that the two nations have not finalized talks over security agreement so far and the pact will be executable beyond 2014, once the terms and conditions have been agreed.

General director of the Afghan foreign ministry media office, Janan Mosazai on Sunday said satisfactory negotations are going on between Afghan and US officials.

Mr. Mosazai further added that the Afghan government is not in a hurry to take a decision in this regard since the security agreement will become executable after security transition is completed.

He said, “Security agreement between Kabul and Washington will be executable after security transition is completed. The security agreement will not become executable before 2014 despite the two nations agree earlier, and therefore the security pact will be adaptive at the beginning of 2015.”

In the meantime Janan Mosazai insisted that the security agreement should be finalized before 2014 which will be better for Afghanistan, since it will create a legal and bilateral framework between the two nations.

Afghan and US officials are holding talks over security agreement during the past 6 months to clarify the presence of US troops after 2014 and Washington’s long term support towards Afghan security forces.

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