Tuesday, April 23, 2013

MPs Call to Stop Releasing Taliban Prisoners

  TOLOnews By Rafi Sediqi 20 April 2013
High Peace Council has been incapable of progressing peace talks with the armed opposition, first vice speaker of Afghan parliament said Saturday while a number of MPs suggested many of the imprisoned Taliban who were released have rejoined the insurgent groups and are fighting against the government.

"The peace process is just a waste of time. What High Peace Council has done so far has had no result and has been a failure," first vice speaker Mirwais Yasini said, marking out that the parliament is to send the government a new policy over the issue.

MP Shukria Barikzai said "So far, there has been no clear policy for peace. High Peace Council is a political project and not a national one."

"This council is kept by circles that seek to remain in power," she added.

Admitting challenges against peace talks, High Peace Council, however, said it has had achievements in some of the provinces across the country.

"As High Peace Council we are ready to continue our activities considering any plan the parliament would send to the council. High Peace Council has had achievements in a number of provinces," said Shahzada Shahid, the council's spokesman.

MPs also suggested that Afghanistan war is plotted by orders from Pakistani intelligence and that the neighbouring country will never aim for a stable Afghanistan. Some of the MPs called for an end to releasing Taliban prisoners as a number of the released are yet again fighting against the government.

"The war in Afghanistan is a war plotted by Pakistan," said MP Dawood Kalakani, "Pakistani military intelligence is making efforts to establish a Pakistan-ruled government in Afghanistan."

MP Zaheer Saadat said "The process of releasing the prisoners should be stopped because those Taliban who are released have rejoined the insurgent groups and are fighting against the government."

It will be too hard to provide security in Afghanistan, MPs added, as far as interferences from neighbouing countries are not pushed back and Pakistan does not assure the Afghan government and the international community of discontinuing its interference.

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