We are in battle with one of the worst Republican parties many have seen in a lifetime. Yet some Democrats/Liberals are choosing to step on each other, when we need solidarity more than ever. The Republicans have continuously and blatantly tried to obstruct President Obama from moving this country forward. It seems the GOP's primary agenda has been to shed a disgraceful light upon Obama and Democrats in order to win the public's vote and take control of the government via upcoming elections.
That wouldn't be such a bad thing if Republicans proved they were working for the best interest of this country, but they are not. Instead, the majority of Republican lawmakers seem to have little interest in everyday Americans and a great deal of interest in helping big corporations/banks. This GOP works against rights of women, blacks, lgbt, veterans, minorities, students, union workers, the homeless, immigrants, the poor…  and they work for America's most wealthy to find more loopholes, to pay less taxes. This is not opinion. This is fact, based on Republican voting.
In the first six months of 2014:
Republicans blocked: Raising The Minimum Wage
Republicans blocked: Reducing College Student Loan Debt
Republicans blocked: Veterans Benefits
Republicans blocked: Equal Pay For Women - And All Americans
Since the 2010 Midterms Elections:
Republicans blocked stronger gun background checks.
Republicans have created the 'War Against Women' by introducing/implementing misogynist and archaic anti-choice/birth control laws.
Republicans tried to block the Violence Against Women Act.
Republicans attempted to repeal Obamacare over 50 times, costing Americans over $70 million.
And then, of course, there is the great Republican Government Shutdown that cost Americans approximately $20 - $24 billion. We can all do the math and think  up endless ways those tax dollars could have benefited this nation and its people. Instead, it was wasted on Republican spite, greed, and ego under the guise of repealing Obamacare. And there's more GOP damage that has been done.
So why, only days before the elections, would some self-proclaimed Liberals/Democrats opt to criticize the work of Obama and the Democratic party? How will that serve the American people now? It won't. What it will do is disgust and dissuade more citizens from voting based on a, 'What the fuck does it matter?' stance. Well, it matters. It fucking MATTERS.
The majority of the public doesn't know/understand Republican obstruction, how it works, and how it has damaged this country. The majority of the pubic blames the woes of a country on the president in office. If you are a Democrat/Liberal, and you have some issues with Obama, join the club. He is far from perfect. If you care for this country, let's win this election and move forward with a Congress willing to work with the president, and for the people. There will be plenty of time to criticize later. Right now, the other side is slamming Obama - with gusto. They don't need any help from us.
In solidarity, we show what one of the most successful presidents in history and the current Democratic Party have accomplished, even in under incredible GOP obstruction. In solidarity, we help Obama prove us all right for electing him to be our President of the United State - twice. In solidarity, we will help Barak Obama finish what he came to do, what he was meant to do, and what we believe he can and will do.