Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Democrats had a lot of bad defeats last night but we cant sit around and cry. The time is now to start thinking about the next election. So lets get our thinking hats on and brainstorm!!! Think about who will run and do they have a real chance. Don't run someone just to have a Democrat on the ballot. Lets make sure that they are True Liberal Democrats and then help fund them. And make sure that th...e State and Federal Politicians help out our Local and County Democrats also. Have fire side chats in Counties that are struggling with Republican domination. There was lots of effort and money put out to the Republicans in Illinois this year. Lots of money and time spent to get there Koch Politics in our Local, County, State And Federal Government. If the Republicans get there way we will loose what strides we have made for minimum wage, Labor, Healthcare. These guys are Millionaires and Billionaires. And if you think they are doing what is good for the middle class guess again!

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